Our Website Package

Do you have a client looking for a powerful Website that will give them a good return on their investment? Our Content Management System is an awarding system that they can use. This also comes with a tutorial guide on how to use it.

Training manuals and videos can be provided as a white-label service, at an extra cost.

Website package
Ecommerce package

Our Ecommerce Package

Selling online can be difficult and yet rewarding. We have the best Ecommerce system available to ensure your client has all the tools they need to keep the website and stock up-to-date. All our Ecommerce systems are safe and secure. This also comes with a tutorial guide on how to use it.

Training manuals and videos can be provided as a white-label service, at an extra cost. Contact us for more details

What Will You Get From Us

There are a number of facilities you will get with our websites. Take a look.

Create Your Own Entries

Create your own web pages and articles using the easy-to-use Content Management System. With our built in tools, your client has full customisation options for their website (this is not a drag and drop system).

Fast & Secure Hosting

All our websites can use our fast and secure Web Hosting (charged extra per month). We monitor your website and speed to ensure your client gets the best service from us.

Create Custom Fields

Unlike WordPress and other systems, ours allows you to create custom fields when creating forms. This means that your client can create a form with specialist requirements easily and without extra development.

Categories & Tags

When Blogging or writing Articles, Categorising your content and using Tags can help visitors to a website find information easily. This tool allows your client to categorise their content easily.

Relatable Pages

Another great tool for usability purposes is the addition of relatable pages. This means that if one page closely relates to another, then we can link a number of them so that a visitor can continue to find the information they want.

Form Management

Not a lot of Content Management Systems allow for Form Creation and Management. Your client can create their own Forms and add them to a page of their choice easily. Again, eliminating the need for extra development.

Live Preview

See how your content will look right as you type with Live Preview, and share in-progress drafts with others using private preview URLs. This is a great way for clients to see how their page looks as they create content.

Manage Your Assets

Assets are documents, images, videos and more. The Asset Management tool in this system allows a client to manage their assets and also the file structure. This means they can put the assets in different directories.

User Management (Pro)

Do you want to add more users to the Content Management System? Not a problem and we can do this when you buy the professional website package from us. It's just that simple.

Image Editor

With the Image Editor your client can crop, rotate, flip, and straighten their photos right from within the Control Panel. This means they don't need to buy expensive software to perform simple tasks.

Expand with Plugins

All Content Management Systems need a little extra and we call them Plugins. These are extra bits that can be added to the system to enhance the website further. We are of course available for consultation before a purchase is made.

Easy Templating for Designers

This bit is just for you. The designer. We can pretty much do whatever you want as a design and implement it into our Content Management System or Ecommerce System. You design it, we'll build it. It's that easy!

What about the Ecommerce Package?

That's ok... we didn't forget about our Ecommerce Package. Take a look at what you get extra on top of the Website Package.

Products & Services

Although this is standard with all Ecommerce systems, it's still important to mention. This allows a client to add their products or services to their website and sell to their customers, with custom fields if they like.

Order Management

Selling is great but managing your customers orders is vitally important. Our Ecommerce system allows your client to manage the order from purchase through to delivery to ensure they complete the order.


Not all Ecommerce systems sell products and services as a one-off payment. Sometimes products and services can be sold on a regular payment scheme. We do this with subscriptions and our Ecommerce system provides this for your clients.

Custom Payment Gateways

Your client may want to be paid in different ways and we offer a range of different options for them. We can add any type of payment gateway that the client would like to be paid by. May that be PayPal, Credit Card, Invoice or even Cash.

Custom Order Fields

Our system allows your client to add custom fields to their store to ensure they cover what they need to when a visitor makes a purchase. This is completely customiseable but if it's needed on the front-end may require further development.

Taxes & Shipping (Pro)

With regards to Taxes and Shipping, our system can offer this as a professional extra. All you need to do is just add the taxes such as VAT and any shipping options and they will be automatically added to the Cart.

Sales & Promotions (Pro)

The sales and promotions tool is available with our professional package. This tool allows you to utilise sales, coupon codes, special pricing, or dynamic pricing to entice visitors to buy from your store.

Shopping Cart (Pro)

The shopping cart system is available only in our professional package. A visitor can change their order within the shopping cart and then proceed to the payment pages.

Custom Checkout Flows (Pro)

Give your customers the checkout experience that makes the most sense for your store. This part of the Ecommerce system allows your client to create an experience that is suited to their customers.

Reseller Web Design is part of the DinkyDodo.com family. We are committed to creating, managing and supporting websites for all our clients and ensuring they work efficiently and effectively as per the designs requested.

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